Monday, July 16, 2012

The Return to Really Bad Writing Advice

OK Gang,

Perhaps unhinged by an excessively good mood, I posted some Not Half-Bad Writing Advice. And so much for that! People were all over my Really Bad Writing Advice, but as for the sorta good advice, forget it.

So all right, screw the little engine that could. I have removed the sorta good and I'm returning to train wrecks. The not half bad advice is down and I'll be back with something truly rank as soon as possible.



  1. You mean I missed the so-so 'MEH" advice? Boy, you are a fast advice-reviser, Ann.
    Continue to celebrate your cover. Happy moments are the fuel. {That's my not half-bad advice. I'll keep wondering about yours.}

    1. Sorry, Mirka, but that sounds suspiciously like good advice!