Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Really Bad Writing Advice: The Cluless One Opines on Blog Frequency 2

(With apologies to any computer wizards who managed to read this when it was posted yesterday; I'm getting email -- thank you!!! -- that folks couldn't read beyond the blurby thingy & were being asked to register, so I'm trying again. Leaving up the old, unreadable one briefly, so we can troubleshoot. God knows, I don't want to leave people shivering in the cyberworld with only good writing advice to keep them warm.)

Dear Clueless One,

Is it true that if I don't blog frequently, weekly, daily, every few minutes, seriously more than once a month which would represent a terrible dereliction of duty to the ever-updating Wonderful World of Books, I won't have a platform and I'll be a social media failure and an outcast and no one will ever read my books because I haven't been peppering them with a bunch of freaking fun facts?


Seriously Worried That I'm Doomed

Dear Seriously,



And may I add, Doomed People, that if you can't get your blog to function properly, Doomed would be a step up.