Saturday, January 14, 2012

OCD and Goodreads

Writers with any slight hint of OCD in their make-up should not be on goodreads. Period. They should block it from their computers or, if that doesn’t work, they should somehow rig their computers to make an unpleasant noise and shock their fingertips when they so much as type…

Not because goodreads might just have some inherent issues (to be discussed some other time, or maybe never, because it sounds a lot like whining) – that is not my issue.

My issue is obsession, flat-out obsession, naked unembellished obsession. And did I say obsession?

There are so many tiny elements to be obsessed with too. How many people plan to read my new book? How many people added it today as opposed to yesterday as opposed to that really great day in November? What is the rating? Why has it gone from 4.11 to 4.10? Yay, it’s 4.14, but wait, now it’s 4.9. Whew, it’s 4.10 again.

The thing is, the numbers are ever-changing, with tiny yet fascinating shifts every few seconds. Especially with a book giveaway. OMG, as we say in YA.

Where It Began has a goodreads book giveaway going.

It started yesterday afternoon. At this moment (wait a second, gotta go check) there are 257 people signed up for it. And how many times have I checked to see how many people have signed up for this giveaway? Hint: It rivals 257.

This is not healthy. This is not a good thing in so many ways. I would make a list of the ways but I have to check goodreads.

And lookee here: it’s 258.

Are there pills for this?


  1. No OCD, but Goodreads SCARES me. I don’t have an account, and have only looked at it sporadically, but I must confess, I didn’t like a lot of what I saw.
    Now that I read your post, I have another excuse to stay away. Time is short, and I can use it to actually read books.

  2. One more now!

    A-men! And how do you not continually check your twitter followers, blog stats, website views, Amazon pre-orders...

    I've had Where It Began on pre-order at Amazon for weeks now, so this is what I just obsessed about: Maybe I should let the giveaway go to someone who wouldn't normally buy it? Does it matter for your stats if I preorder for Kindle or Hard copy? (Maybe you could ask your agent the latter question).

    Best of luck!

  3. Mirka, I do think goodreads has a lot to offer. (Recommendations from friends, etc.) If you don't share my mishugas, I think you're safe with it. I'm not posting reviews at this point, tho, just taking in what friends recommend.

    Jaye, If only I could...

    Tad, Good grief, I'm just so happy that you've pre-ordered, period! And signed up on goodreads! (A-hem, 432/4.10 as of 2 minutes ago). And did I mention how much I love you? Seriously.

    Do you think all this stems from feeling so unpopular as a kid & now I want corrective emotional statistics? (Still 432...)

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