Friday, November 15, 2013

What You Should Absolutely, 100% Be Doing While Not Writing

Dear Clueless,

I am so sad and miserable!  What shall I do while not writing.  My time is so empty and I am at wit's end, listlessly making birdhouses out of used popsicle sticks and home-made glue, and stalking people.  Which is hard, because all the people worth stalking are inside writing.

Go On, Order Me Around


If you lack a blog, you must immediately get one.  This will eat up no end of time.

If you have a blog, then you must participate in every blog event imaginable. 

Oh look!  Starting 11/19, there is an international signed ARC giveaway of Afterparty that bloggers can join any day of its 2 week duration.  This is to celebrate S&S releasing the first 3 chapters of said book online. 

You should click here!!!!!  You should sign up!!!!  Only think how much happier you will be now that you have something to do!

Shameless (sitting in for Clueless who is too busy promoting to order people around)

P.S. Thanks guys!


  1. LOL! So true, blogs do eat up no end of time!
    And I would totally sign up to be part of the Afterparty ARC giveaway, but those links ^^ aren't working =(

    1. Ack, the internet just ate my reply. So, trying again, thank you for trying to sign up for this giveaway using my useless links! I'm not sure where I went wrong, but they definitely don't work for me either.
      Here is the correct link, which I think has to be copied and pasted (apologies!)
      Thanks, Ruth!