Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Surprise! A Break From Really Bad Writing Advice: Auction for Agent & Editor Critiques

Hi all,

Not that I feel guilty about dispensing all the really bad writing advice or anything like that. Not me. No. Nothing like that. However, I just came upon a group of ebay auctions to benefit the charitable activities of the San Francisco Writers Conference, and they look enticing. The items being auctioned are manuscript critiques and consultations from a group of children's book editors and agents whose names you will recognize.

Only think how much of my really bad writing advice could be counteracted by three or four minutes with one of these folks!

It's hard to see anything but win-win-win-win-win here, and I thought my writer friends would want to know.

Here's the URL:


The auctions end soon. Happy bidding,


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  1. Awh, shucks. I was so pleased with self that I got this thing, organization.